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My name is Ganesh. These are some of my hobby projects and some old projects that are not related to my work. Most of these projects are my weekend projects and are not very complete even though they are usable (I do have a short attention span).
I have put it up here, in case they are useful to someone else. Do contact me if you have any comments.


Py Portrait Artist       -  Create "artistically interesting" portraits from photos.

TCP Knocking       -  Similar to port knocking but better. Knock sequence is part of TCP handshake itself.

Py 2 NXC       -  Translator that converts python like programs for NXT Bots into NXC

Nfcache       -  A cache for the Netfilter in the linux kernel.

Chrooted OpenSSH
    - chroot that OpenSSH daemon.

P2P Bridge  -  An ongoing (euphemism for stalled) project about using JXTA to develop a peer to peer CDN for normal websites to beat the slashdot effect.

Ghosting Software - Live CD, software based on customised Dolly that finds peer PC's booted with the same CD and froms a 'ring' for ghosting. Logo